Damian Krawczyk

Damian Krawczyk

| IT experience

Since 2005 (for 17 years), I continuously enhance my knowledge of Information Technology. Over the past 10 years, I have worked professionally as a cybersecurity engineer on many projects, services, and solutions. I helped my clients, teammates, friends, and family find answers to their questions, solve their problems, and make their work and life easier using IT. In 2023, I decided to start my new project ITincor ®, focused on sharing knowledge and solutions in IT, automation, and cybersecurity. You will likely find something here that will make it easier for you to understand and use IT solutions.

my professional education and work experience

| Additional activities

  • Trainer and coordinator of the Cybersecurity group within the CRC (Corporate Readiness Certificate) educational program for university students and graduates in Poland.
  • Creator and Open Source developer at LimberDuck project, which main goal is to provide tools to automate the work of Cybersecurity engineers and managers.
  • Co-coordinator of global Python Guild at ING, which aim is to share knowledge among nearly 1K community members.


Coordination -- 85%
Programming -- 59%
Vulnerability Assessment -- 90%
Communication -- 95%